Coaching is a cooperative facilitated process for change, self-discovery, and growth.  It’s focus is on:

AwarenessHappy People

We can’t change change we don’t recognize or acknowledge.  Coaching helps us unearth and challenge unconscious, self-limiting beliefs and patterns and create a plan of action to move these obstacles out of our way.  Coaching helps us develop a vision of who we want to be and live into that vision.  Through coaching, we look at:

  • Moving forward, not moving back
  • What no longer works
  • What needs to change and how
  • What you need and value, what your vision is
  • Maximizing your strengths, not fortifying your weaknesses
  • Planning, accountability, responsibility
  • Growth, learning, and exploration


Empowerment is not about power over.  Empowerment is about gaining insight, building confidence, competence, resiliency, and strength within.   Empowerment opens up opportunities and gives us the courage to take risks. Empowerment allows us to trust ourselves and understand what we value.  Empowerment allows us to live holistically.

I coach people by:

  • assessing your current capability
  • providing feedback
  • helping you to identify what is needed
  • helping you identify opportunities to fill in the gap
  • establishing commitments and accountability toward achieving results

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