Second Chances

What is the worst thing you’ve ever said…  words you can’t take back?
What is the worst thing you’ve ever done…  an act you can’t undo?
What would life be like, right now, if your entire life was defined by those words or
that action?
What would life be like if the rest of your life was defined by those words or that action?
What would you be willing to do to make it right?

Do you feel regret, remorse, shame, guilt, embarrassed, criticized, persecuted, ostracized by what happened?
What did your words or actions cost you?
Dignity, respect, social status, reputation, friends, family, employment, self-respect?

We all need second chances in our lives, a chance to make it right, for ourselves, our families, our co-workers, our communities, our relationships, and the world.  I work with clients who want to create that second chance.  I provide a safe place to talk about hard things.  I use coaching, restorative justice practices, and other resources and techniques to help you:

  • understand the consequences, effect, and impact of your words or actions on yourself and others,
  • be accountable and take responsibility for what was said or done,
  • examine and challenge the beliefs, internal stories, stereotypes, and rationalizations that led you to this place,
  • find opportunities to act on your new understandings and heal the hurt in concrete ways,
  • if appropriate, rebuild relationships that were damaged, especially on a community level,
  • create a strong foundation on which to move forward with your life by:
    • making better choices,
    • restoring your integrity,
    • identifying what you value most, what matters,
    • developing healthy boundaries and relationships.

Second Chances are NOT about:

  • Obtaining forgiveness from someone else
  • Reconciliation with someone you have hurt or harmed
  • Forgetting
  • Working a 12-step program

This work isn’t easy, but the consequences of not doing the work may be even more devastating.  If you are willing to undertake this challenge, with help and support, you may experience:

  • healthier relationships,
  • increased self-respect,
  • firmer boundaries

You can’t change what you’ve done or said, but you can change what you do next.
Choose your Second Chance.

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